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Viveo Health.
Healthcare made simple.

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Healthcare in your pocket.
Anytime, anywhere.

Communication through video or chat

Easily schedule video consultations and reviewprevious conversations with specialists using the chat feature.

Immediate access to medical professionals

Prevent symptoms worsening and sick daysadding up by using our quick route solution to adoctor.

Effortlessly find specialists based on symptoms
The simple-to-use symptoms feature lets you conveniently reach doctors and speak to specialists based off specific symptoms
Everything in one place
Arrange consultations, locate specialists and examine health records all inside the app - reducing the spread of direct contact illnesses.
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Sirle Maurits

Real estate agent / Viveo member


Viveo doctors were really wonderful in answering my questions quickly over the phone and I was even able to see a Viveo doctor and medical nurse over a video call. The real difference with Viveo is how easy and fast they make healthcare. Getting to doctors can often be confusing and stressful with waiting times up to 2 months! Viveo is able to get me to lab tests or a doctor within 2 days!

Kristjan Kilp

Project Manager / Viveo member


I have lower back pain and after calling Viveo I got an x-ray scheduled for the next day and a neurologist appointment the same day. For me, it was a seamless journey to get my symptoms diagnosed promptly. Through the regular healthcare system, I would have waited months for a doctors appointment. I’m not only happy, but grateful for Viveo’s insurance and service.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to give up my family doctor to use Viveo?

Family doctors and Viveo complement each other. Whenever you are feeling ill, you can continueto reach out to your family doctor first. If you can't reach him/her, simply contact Viveo and get afast response. Our doctors will securely identify you, give advice, provide help from and arrangevisits to physicians as well as for carrying out medical analysis. With Viveo Health you areguaranteed fast and professional support at any time via call, video as well as chat.

How can I get a doctor without waiting in line with the help of Viveo?

Queues in Estonia are long because of limited financial resources in the national healthcaresystem. In addition, the shortage of health professionals and their aging are major challenges.According to the National Institute for Health Development in 2018, the average age of a familydoctor in Estonia was 55 years. The queues can be reduced by investing more in prevention sincethe resources spent on prevention are three times less than on treatment.Our team at Viveo has signed cooperation agreements with healthcare providers all over Estonia.Thanks to our extensive network of healthcare partners, your Viveo doctor or nurse will find youthe fastest times at your nearest health facility. Viveo partner network currently includes morethan 30 private and public medical facilities, including SYNLAB, Fertilitas, Tallinn Specialist MedicalCenter, and more. The partner network continues to grow providing you with urgent medical careeverywhere in Estonia.

How do I make a video call with my Viveo doctor and when can I use it?

Video allows you to talk to a nurse or doctor without leaving your home and is an alternative to aregular medical visit. In addition to convenience, telemedicine saves time and makes medical caremore accessible regardless of location, transportation and weather conditions. Often, videocounseling may be needed to understand your health concern and, if necessary, refer you to aspecialist or examination. Although most Viveo members communicate with doctors by phonecall and chat, sometimes the doctor initiates the use of video calls.